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Smart Thermostat Installation in Louisville and Lexington

Are you tired of having to get up to change the thermostat? Is it even managing the temperature accurately? Have you had to change the thermostat in the middle of the night, realized you couldn’t see any of the numbers, and had to go turn on or fetch a light to see what temperature you are adjusting it to?

It is time to upgrade your thermostat. Smart thermostats are more accurate, easier to use, can be adjusted from your phone, are programmable, and communicate better with your HVAC system.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats may seem a little intimidating with all their features at first, but don’t worry; they are straightforward to learn and use! They offer many convenient features to make the lives of homeowners easier.

Smart, Programmable Thermostats

Smart thermostats are programmable, so you can see what temperature you want them to be during various parts of your day. Programming is handy to keep the air conditioning from blasting away when you aren’t home and running up the utility bill.

A regular programmable thermostat can also do this, but a smart thermostat takes this one step further. It learns your schedule and adjusts the temperatures in your home automatically. It can even take into account daylight savings.


According to Energy Star, on average, a smart thermostat will save homeowners around 8 percent, or $50 annually, in the United States, depending on your climate. A smart thermostat will adjust based on indoor and outdoor temperatures, the temperature you’ve set it to, how long it takes to heat or cool your house, and when you are typically home or away.


You can monitor and adjust your settings from anywhere. Watching a great show and don’t want to get up? Already retired for the night, but it’s too hot to sleep? Going on a weeklong trip and forgot to turn the thermostat down? Use your smartphone or tablet to adjust your thermostat from anywhere.

You can even hook smart thermostats up to smart devices like Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to use voice commands to adjust the temperature, such as, “Hey Google, turn on the A/C.”

Alerts, Notifications, and Reports

Your thermostat app can notify you if you need to change the filter, if it’s time to schedule A/C maintenance, or if there is a power outage or a system failure. It will give you reports on energy usage and trends.

Notifications make it much easier to be proactive about scheduling preventive maintenance for your HVAC system.

Dauenhauer Installs Smart Thermostats

If you’re ready to get a smart thermostat, we can install it! Smart thermostats require particular wires in the wall to operate correctly. Our technicians can identify which wires you have and if we need to add any to ensure your thermostat is working correctly.

Call (502) 917-6706, or book an appointment to install a new thermostat online.

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