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Electrical Repairs in Lexington & Louisville, Kentucky

If you need electrical services for your home or business in Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky, call Dauenhauer! Our certified electricians are ready and able to troubleshoot and repair any electrical problem you may have. 

We’ll ensure that our electrical work brings your system up to code and is safe from electrocution or fire hazards. We understand our customers want transparent pricing that never nickels and dimes, which is why we always consider your time, needs, and budget. 

Call Dauenhauer for expert electrical repair services in Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown, Kentucky. 

Dauenhauer’s Expert Electrical Repair Services

We want our customers to know that our company is one they can trust, so we’ve built up our reputation one happy customer at a time. We offer the following so that you know you can depend on Dauenhauer as an electrical repair company:

  • Fast & Reliable Service: When we get the call, we get to jobs quickly. We know you can’t wait around for weeks until our schedule opens up, so we make sure to have the flexibility and staffing to get to you quickly. Our technicians arrive at job sites at the appointed time and call you when they are on their way. 
  • Emergency Electrical Repair Service: We offer emergency electrical repair services to address urgent electrical problems promptly and to ensure you and your home are safe. 
  • Upfront Pricing: We believe in transparency. Our technicians will give you a clear breakdown of costs before any work begins so that you can make informed decisions without worrying about hidden costs. 
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our electricians undergo significant training and certification so they can provide you with quality service. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all electrical repairs. 

Common Electrical Repairs We Handle

Electrical systems and components don’t typically receive yearly maintenance as your AC system does, and electrical inspections are often skipped. Dauenhauer has the expertise to troubleshoot electrical problems and perform basic electrical maintenance, as well as more complex electrical repairs. Here are some of the common electrical repairs we handle on a daily basis:

  • Lighting Issues: If you have flickering lights, loose or faulty outlets, malfunctioning switches, or outdated fixtures, we can diagnose and fix them all. 
  • Power Outages: Are you experiencing a complete or partial power outage? We’ll identify the source of the problem and safely restore your power. 
  • Circuit Overload: Circuit breakers that regularly trip are a sign of an overloaded circuit. We’ll identify the culprit and help you even out the load on that circuit to prevent future issues. If the breaker itself is faulty, we will replace it. 
  • Wiring Problems: Do your switches go to the wrong fixtures or outlets? Are your wires outdated or damaged? We can rearrange the circuit wiring to your satisfaction and replace old or damaged wiring. 
  • Electrical Panel Issues: If your electrical panel smokes, arcs, or smells like fire, it can be a serious fire safety issue. We’ll inspect it and address any problems we find. 
  • Appliance Problems: If your appliance isn’t working properly due to electrical problems, we can identify and fix them. The problem may be an overloaded circuit, a loosely held plug, or it may require a dedicated electrical circuit. 
  • Safety Upgrades: Enhance your home’s safety with a GFCI outlet, surge protector, or smoke detector installation.
  • Rewire Hot Tub or Jacuzzi Wiring: Whether it’s been damaged over time or wasn’t ever quite installed correctly, we’ll get your hot tub or jacuzzi sorted out and correctly wired. 
  • Ceiling Fan Issues: If your ceiling fan isn’t working or is only partially working, we can repair it so it functions properly again. 

Whether it’s your home, office, garage, or commercial building, Dauenhauer offers expert electrical repair services in Lexington, Louisville, Elizabethtown, and the surrounding areas in Kentucky. 

Schedule an electrical repair service appointment online with us today or call us at (502) 369-9146

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