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EV Charging Station Installation Services in Lexington & Louisville

Electric vehicles are on the rise and offer drivers energy-efficient street driving. As their popularity increases, more public charging stations are being installed. But public stations can still be sporadic and far apart. Why drive to a charging station when you could charge your electric car from the comfort of your own home?

Dauenhauer offers professional EV charging station installation services in Lexington & Louisville, Kentucky. 

Benefits of a Home EV Charging Station

A home EV charging port provides several benefits:

  • Convenience: Don’t get stuck waiting around a public charging station; simply plug your car in at home and let it charge overnight. 
  • Savings: The cost of charging at home will almost always be a better rate than a public charging station. Charge up your EV at home for a lower and more cost-effective rate. 
  • Faster Charging: If you are relying on a basic 120v outdoor outlet to charge your EV, then you’ll notice your car charges very slowly and will not fully charge overnight. A proper EV charging port will offer faster charging times so you can spend more time moving and less time planning. 
  • Increased Home Value: An EV charging station can increase the value of your home and be attractive to potential buyers. They can also be handy if you need to run larger equipment outside. 

EV Charging Port Levels

There are three main levels of EV charging ports:

  • Level 1 EV Charging Port: A 120-volt level one charging port offers the same voltage as a standard residential outlet. The level one port is the slowest option for charging electric vehicles and will not fully charge your vehicle overnight. They are not ideal for charging vehicles, though you can plug in an electric blower or weedeater into one. 
  • Level 2 EV Charging Port: A level two EV charging port uses a 240-volt electrical outlet, which offers significantly faster charging. A standard battery electric car (BEV) can usually get from zero to 80 percent in four to ten hours of charging. 
  • Level 3 DC Fast EV Charging Port: A Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) station offers rapid battery charging with 400 to 1,000 volts. It can charge a BEV from zero to 80 percent in just 20 minutes to an hour. Many public charging stations use DCFC stations so that your car can charge within an hour of waiting. 

Expert Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Services

Our professional electricians will work with you to determine your needs and what will work best for you. We provide expert EV charging station installations in Lexington & Louisville, Kentucky. 

We’ll examine your electrical system and incoming amperage on your electrical panel to determine what level of charging port your home can handle. Most electrical panels have enough extra power left over to handle a level two charging port or even a level three port. If not, we also offer electrical panel upgrades. 

We will install your EV charging station to withstand outdoor weather conditions, and we can customize it to have a brand-specific EV charging adaptor or a standard 120v outlet in addition to your EV charging outlet. 

Contact us today to schedule EV charging station installation services in Lexington or Louisville, Kentucky. 

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