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Heating Replacement & Installation

Can your heater keep up in the cold months? Nobody likes coming home to a cold house and then having to wait a couple of hours for it to warm up even a portion of the house. If your heater is quirky, provides inadequate heating, or your energy bill just keeps rising, it might be time to replace it with a modern heating system.

Older heaters often range in the 56 to 70 percent efficiency range. In contrast, modern heaters can achieve heat efficiencies as high as 98.5 percent. You could be losing money that could be saved and put toward a new heating system.

As technology advances, more heating options have been developed. The most popular choices are a furnace, heat pump, or ductless mini-split system. Dauenhauer Plumbing, Heating & Air will help walk you through your options and help you choose the best heating solution for your situation.

We offer heating system replacement and installation services in Louisville and Lexington. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Top 3 Heating System Solutions

The three most common and cost-effective heating solutions in the United States are the furnace, heat pump, and ductless mini-split systems.

1. Gas & Electric Furnaces

Over 66% of Kentucky homeowners use a furnace for their primary heating system. Electric furnaces are excellent for those whose homes cannot be reached by natural gas lines. Alternatively, you can have propane delivered.

Natural gas is the most convenient, abundant, and efficient fuel option for furnaces. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and has impressive energy efficiency. The abundance of natural gas means that it is almost always cheaper to use than the cost of electricity.

2. Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are the second most prevalent heating system in Kentucky, with 22 percent of homeowners using it as their primary heat source. Heat pumps are the latest in HVAC technology. They use compressed refrigerant to take heat out of the air from outside, compress that heat, and bring it inside. It seems counterintuitive that a device can pull heat out of the air when it’s cold outside, but these units work all the way down to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat pumps are a more significant investment than the standard furnace, but three factors work in their favor. The first is that heat pumps are incredibly efficient. They cost less to operate than even natural gas furnaces, with electricity only being needed to operate their compressor and the fan motor to move the heat through your central air system.

The second advantage of heat pumps is that their heating process can be reversed. They can take the heat from inside your home during the summer and put that heat outside. This cooling process allows them to take the place of your AC, making for an impressive two-in-one system. While they may cost more than a standard air conditioner, they can typically be purchased for less than an AC and a furnace combined.

The third factor favoring heat pumps is the federal tax credit for home energy efficiency units. The government is offering up to 30 percent of the cost of energy-efficient home upgrades up through 2032.

3. Ductless Mini-Split Heating & Cooling Systems

If you don’t already have a central air system installed, a ductless mini-split system may be a great option for you. Many older homes, or even workshops or storerooms, don’t have central air systems installed–and many lack that space to install a duct system.

Ductless mini-split systems work with the same principle as a heat pump. They use refrigerant to move heat to and from where you need it.

A standard heat pump uses the duct system to deliver the hot or cold air. Ductless mini-splits instead use indoor and outdoor units connected by small refrigerant lines that transfer the heat. Drainage lines must also be installed to drain humidity when the cooling process is activated, just like an air conditioner.

Superb Heating System Installation

The expert HVAC technicians at Dauenhauer are ready to help you with your furnace, heat pump, or mini-split replacement or installation in Louisville or Lexington. We are experts in heating system replacements and know how to do the job correctly.

We choose the best of the best as our technicians. They pass extensive background checks and undergo regular drug tests. Our technicians are uniformed, identified, and chosen for their excellent customer service and work ethic. They make sure their work is done thoroughly and to the highest standard.

If you are ready for a new, modern heating system installation in Lexington or Louisville, contact Dauenhauer for the best service.

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