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Drain Replacement & Installation Services in Lexington & Louisville, Kentucky

While most plumbing systems are long-lived, they do eventually reach the end of their service life. Damage from being unsecured, jostled, or long-term corrosion takes a toll on your pipes. 

Whether your pipes were poorly installed, damaged, or have simply seen more than 50 years of life and are ready to be replaced, Dauenhauer Plumbing offers expert drain replacement and installation services in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. 

65 Years of Kentucky Plumbing Experience

Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air was founded in 1958, and we hold on to our tradition of quality workmanship by trustworthy professionals. Our expert plumbers are highly skilled and are trained to handle any problem. 

We always treat your home with the utmost respect, and we look for solutions that are the least invasive while still getting the job done right.

Drain Replacement Services

Drain lines carry away wastewater and are constantly exposed to water, air, and other potentially corrosive or harmful substances, which can encourage rust and decay. While your drains are tough, they will eventually give out and require an overhaul. 

Many homes built in the 1980s or older are finding that they need a full plumbing system replacement as drains start to buckle from years of use. 

Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency; have your drains replaced before a more serious problem occurs. Dauenhauer provides expert drain replacement services in Lexington & Louisville for both residential and commercial plumbing systems

Drain Installation Services

Whether you are making an addition to the house, want to add plumbing to the basement or garage, or are building a new home altogether, Dauenhauer Plumbing provides professional drain installation services in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. 

No matter what size or complex your drain installation project is, Dauenhauer’s professionals are ready to install it. We’ll ensure that it’s done on time and done right—leak-free, correctly sloped, secured, up to code, and built from materials that will last. 

Schedule a consultation for drain installation services in Lexington or Louisville today. 

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