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Sewer Cleaning

When Your Sewer Is Clogged, You Want Us On The Job

If grease, dirt and other debris has clogged your sewer drain, call Dauenhauer to get things moving in the right direction. A sewer drain clog is more than a nuisance–it can impact the health and safety of your home environment. When your sewer isn’t draining properly, you don’t want to wait for a local plumber to find time to work you into his schedule; you want it fixed immediately.

Signs of sewer drainage problems:

  • Foul odors
  • Water stains
  • Standing water in tubs, showers
  • Slow drainage throughout the home
  • Wet areas on your property
  • Backup or overflow in fixtures

What can cause a sewer backup?

Tree roots penetrating the sewer lines are still a major cause of sewer backup. Particularly if you are in an older home with clay sewer lines, your lines may be vulnerable to root penetration and blockage. For this reason, we encourage anyone in the Louisville area to look into the MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program.

MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program

This program allows homeowners to finance at no interest the replacement of their old, fragile sewer lines with modern, durable PVC sewer lines. These older sewer lines are often constructed of clay and prone to root invasion, leading to sewer drainage issues. Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air is an approved contractor for the MSD Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program.

Other Common Causes of Sewer Drainage Problems

Another common cause of sewer drainage problems is grease, debris, and foreign objects which have collected in your sewer lines, causing a blockage. In the event of a large blockage, it is possible that your sewer lines will need to be excavated and at least a portion replaced. A video pipe inspection can help determine if the blockage can be resolved with non-invasive methods such as snaking or water jetting, as opposed to a partial or complete sewer line replacement. It’s also possible that there is a temporary stoppage in the main sewer line. If you suddenly experience a sewer drainage issue, you may want to contact MSD or your local sewer authority to rule out an issue with the sewer main.

Whatever the source of your drainage problems, trust Dauenhauer to quickly get things moving in the right direction again. We’ll quickly diagnose your sewer drainage problem and solve it.

Call Dauenhauer, any hour.

We’ll send a friendly, licensed plumbing technician to diagnose and fix your sewer drainage.

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