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Sewer Repair Services in Louisville & Lexington

Do you suspect you have sewer line problems? A sewer line is an integral part of any home’s plumbing system. While they only require occasional maintenance and cleaning, they do, from time to time, experience clogs and breaks.

Here are some signs to look for to identify if your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • Slow drains
  • Stripe of greener grass
  • Funky smells
  • Persistent clogs
  • Frequent toilet backups
  • Foul-smelling standing water in the yard
  • Soggy yard when it hasn’t rained
  • Gurgling toilets and drains

The older your home is, the more likely it is to have fragile, outdated clay pipes running out to the sewer system, which is notorious for breaking down and backing up. Even cast iron pipes are more susceptible to cracks, blockages, collapses, or root intrusion than modern PVC pipes.

Dauenhauer Plumbing Heating & Air uses quality schedule 40 PVC pipes when replacing broken or backed-up sewer lines. Contact our team today for reliable sewer repair services in Louisville and Lexington.

Do My Sewer Pipes Need Cleaned or Replaced?

Not sure if your pipes need to be replaced or just cleaned out? We offer free second opinions.

We always perform a video pipe inspection with fiber optic cameras before we schedule a sewer line replacement. This way, our plumbers know precisely where the damage is and to what extent. We’ll show you the footage and the extent of the damage and give you a straight answer with our professional opinion on the likelihood of future problems.

If you decide you want your pipes cleaned instead of replaced, we offer the best guarantee in the industry. While we can’t guarantee that your pipes won’t be blocked again—even our expert technicians can’t control soil shifting or tree roots’ growth—we can guarantee that we’ll clean them if they do get blocked again.

Safe and Quick Sewer Repairs

Dauenhauer Plumbing, Heating, and Air can safely and quickly replace sewer lines in Lexington and Louisville according to code for any location, municipality, or sewer system.

We have the experience, equipment, and skills to replace broken or blocked sewer lines. Don’t wait until your current sewer line becomes a reoccurring problem. Call us today to assess your sewer line and help you decide whether it needs replacing, repairing, or cleaning.

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