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HVAC Replacements

Looking for a Commercial HVAC Company to Install a New HVAC System?

Look no further than Dauenhauer Heating & Air. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time. Our expert HVAC technicians are capable of repairing any commercial HVAC system quickly and correctly.

Whether you’re a commercial building owner, facilities/property manager, or real estate developer, your HVAC system is a vital part of your building’s operations. In a commercial, industrial, or municipal building, nonfunctioning HVAC system can often mean work shutdowns, angry customers, and ultimately, loss of revenues, in addition to the expense of getting the problem repaired.

Whether your commercial building is needing a repair or new installation, protect your investment by choosing the right HVAC company. In the long run, it’s more cost-effective to choose a professional, licensed HVAC who can quickly and expertly complete the job rather than to risk poor quality work, extended down-time, and potential rework later down the road. You can trust Dauenhauer Heating & Air’s HVAC techs to arrive promptly and handle the problem with professionalism and the highest quality workmanship, for minimum impact on your business.
Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or municipal repair or installation, Dauenhauer Heating & Air offers reliable, friendly service and free estimates.

Don’t make a stressful situation worse by making the wrong choice. At Dauenhauer Heating & Air we pride ourselves on getting any commercial installation job correct the first time. Whether it’s an office park or a small retail store, we will work quickly and efficiently to get your new unit installed

We Install Any Brand

No matter the HVAC brand, our expert technicians are capable of correctly installing any unit to the manufacturer’s specifications and up to code. We can present a full array of HVAC options to fit your business’s need. Our technicians’ training goes well above the state’s requirements, so you can have peace of mind knowing expert technicians will properly install your system.

Trust Our Professionals

With all the different variables of new commercial HVAC installations, why choose unprofessional, inexperienced HVAC technicians? From the intricacies of the ductwork to the size of the equipment, it will all affect its operation. If your system is too small, it will struggle to heat and cool the area. This increases strain on the system and risks serious damages. If it is too large, it will short cycle frequently, reducing efficiency and creates unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Having Dauenhauer Heating & Air install your commercial HVAC system, you can ensure that you’re heating and cooling your commercial property efficiently and reliably.

The top of the line HVAC unit will only perform its best if the installation is also top of the line. We are confident our technicians and service will beat your expectations when you choose us.

Familiar with All Local Building Codes.

Whether your building project is in Prospect, Kentucky or in the heart of downtown Louisville, our HVAC techs are highly trained and deeply familiar with all applicable local, state, and county building codes as they apply to the HVAC system installation.

When you choose Dauenhauer Heating & Air as the subcontractor responsible for installing your project’s HVAC systems, you can be certain that every system will be installed in exact compliance with all applicable building codes.

We Do It Right, The First Time.

Subcontracting your HVAC installations to our reliable, licensed technicians improve your professional image, because we do it right the first time. Avoid paying the real “low bidder” price – which can include the cost of rework, project delays, and even choosing another contractor because the HVAC systems were not installed properly the first time. Call us today or Your Next New Construction Project.

Why Choose Dauenhauer Plumbing for Your Heating Needs?

Experienced Technicians

Our team comprises highly trained and certified technicians who are experienced in handling all kinds of
heating issues. We ensure that our technicians stay updated with the latest industry standards and

Quality Service

We believe in providing the highest quality service to our customers. We are not satisfied until you are.
Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your heating system works efficiently and reliably.

Fair Pricing

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on service quality. Before we start any work, we
provide a detailed estimate so there are no surprises.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and strive to provide exceptional customer service. We take the time to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and provide solutions that best fit your situation.
For all your heating needs, trust Dauenhauer Plumbing. We ensure the best service to keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long. Contact us today to schedule a service or to learn more about our heating services.

Some benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • A well-maintained system runs more efficiently, providing consistent comfort and reducing your energy bills.
  • Regular maintenance helps identify and fix problems before they cause breakdowns.
  • Equipment that’s well cared for lasts years longer than neglected systems.
  • You can avoid the stress and business complications caused by unexpected breakdowns and repair bills.
  • If you do have an emergency, you’ll get priority service, 24/7/365.

What areas do you serve?

We are proud to serve [insert your service area here].

How often should my heating system be serviced?

We recommend a yearly maintenance check to ensure your heating system is running optimally and to identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

What should I do in case of a heating emergency?

In case of a heating emergency, please call our 24/7 emergency service number. Our technicians are always ready to help you resolve your heating problems.

What should I do in case of an air conditioning emergency?

In case of an air conditioning emergency, please call our 24/7 emergency service number. Our technicians are always ready to help you resolve your air conditioning problems.

Can you replace only certain parts of my air conditioning system?

Yes, we can replace specific parts of your air conditioning system as needed. However, in some cases, replacing the entire system might be more cost-effective and efficient in the long run.

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