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Multi-Family Construction

Simply the Best For An Apartment Complex

As a commercial general contractor, you work hard to earn the trust of multi-family developers. No matter which subcontractor is responsible for the plumbing, electrical, or HVAC, your name is the one the client will remember. Their overall experience will determine whether that turns into new business referrals or a bad reputation.

An unreliable plumbing subcontractor can sink your multi-family construction project.

What’s worse, some plumbing installation problems don’t reveal themselves until after residents have moved into their new homes and started using the fixtures, water and sewer service. What you don’t know can definitely hurt your reputation and cost you when those tenants and residents start complaining to your client.

Dauenhauer has a proven track record of successful multi-family residential construction projects in Lexington and Louisville. These include apartment complexes and student housing such as the new University of Louisville housing complex near Eastern Parkway. We have been the plumbing subcontractor for a number of satisfied Kentucky commercial contractors and have references available upon request. Call us today at (502) 390-2292

Our customer list includes many of the top-family construction companies in Louisville, Lexington, and Elizabethtown, Kentucky. When it comes to multi-family construction plumbing projects, call Dauenhauer.

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