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Why You Need a Backup Sump Pump

It’s been a summer of record-breaking rainfall in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. As a responsible homeowner, you probably have a sump pump installed to keep your basement clean and dry during heavy rains.

Ironically, an electrical storm can knock out the power — and prevent your sump pump from doing its job. A normal sump pump is designed to send excess water from drains to municipal storm sewers, where it won’t do any harm. It’s usually dependent upon your home’s electrical system, meaning when you have a power outage, it stops working. All that rain will likely seep into your basement, causing expensive damage to everything it touches.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Installing a water-pressure backup in your sump pit will ensure that even if the power goes out, your pump will keep running. The water you’ll use to run the backup is much cheaper than the cost of a flooded basement. And a water-pressure sump pump will never need its batteries replaced — or fail because the batteries went dead.

In a severe thunderstorm with heavy rains, you and your family will have enough to worry about. Don’t stress about whether or not you’ll have to deal with the mess and expense of a flooded basement once the lights come back on. We proudly install Liberty water-pressure backup pumps, so call Dauenhauer to get a quick, free quote so you can rest easier during the next big storm.

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