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Toilet Talk: How Strong Is Your Flush?

Let’s talk about flushing power. When you choose a toilet, it’s important to keep in mind just how much flushing power the toilet packs.

While public restrooms and YouTube alike are filled with high-powered toilets that can suck down things that – let’s face it – no one should ever be flushing, the power needed in an average toilet might be less-than-common knowledge. Read on to learn the flushing power of various toilet choices so you can choose the best option for you.

Water-Saving Toilets (High Efficiency):

Looking to save energy and money on your water bill? A high-efficiency, water-saving toilet might be the best choice for you. Though the initial cost of these toilets is generally a little higher than that of a standard toilet, they use much less water and are a very economical option. However, while these toilets use less water, rest assured that they are still perfectly capable of flushing down waste with no problems.

Gravity Flush Toilets:

Gravity flush toilets are the most typical variety found in homes and are generally the least expensive options, although prices can vary with brand, height and shape. Realistically, the flushing power of these toilets can vary greatly between models. However, most units come with a ‘”flush power rating,”’ which will give you a rough idea of how much flushing power to expect on a scale of 1-10. If your toilet is going to be used more frequently, we suggest a flushing power of 5 or above. In a situation where a toilet will be used less frequently, a cheaper, lower-flush-power option might be a better choice.

Power Flush Toilets (Pressure Assist):

When it comes to flushing, the toilets with the most power are usually pressure assist or power flush varieties. While these units are initially more expensive, because of the power behind them, they often use less water than a standard toilet. The flush of these types of toilets is actually controlled by air pressure, which forces the water through the toilet at high speed. While power flush toilets are usually not necessary, they can be smart choices in bathrooms below ground level, where gravity flushing toilets may not work properly. Keep in mind, though, that power flush toilets are generally a bit louder than traditional, gravity flush toilets.

If this feels like an overload of information, or you find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of options, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always here to help you choose the unit that meets your needs, remove your old toilet and install the new one.

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