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The benefits of water efficiency

Living a green life takes a lot of effort. You have to change your routine, invest a little money and think long-term versus what’s ultimately more convenient right now.

But the benefits can be oh so rewarding. You help the environment, save more money in the long run and best of all – prolong the life of your plumbing. To get you started on the road to green, here are some quick tips and tricks:

Turn the Faucet Off While You Brush Your Teeth
It’s quick. It’s easy. And you can save gallons of water every week by only using the faucet when you need to rinse off your brush.

Upgrade to Low Flow Toilets and Aerators
Installing low flow options in your sink can help you save water and lower the cost of your water bill.

Stay Leak Free
Regularly check for leaks in your toilet, faucet, showerhead, and tub. Leaky plumbing wastes gallons of water every day and can often lead to more costly repairs.

Take Shorter Showers
Encouraging your family to take shorter showers can significantly reduce your water use in the bathroom. Have some fun with it. Try to wrap up your shower in the time it takes to listen to a couple of songs.

Watch What You Flush
When you flush anything other than toilet paper, your toilet has to work a lot harder to pump the material through the pipes, using a lot more water than usual.

Replace Old Appliances
Old clothes washing machines and dishwashers should be replaced with new high efficiency units. Just with these two upgrades, you could see incredible savings on your water bill.

Have any other questions or suggestions about water efficiency? We have an easy answer. Call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.

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