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How to avoid water damage from an overflowing toilet

We’ve all shared that moment when we see the rising water inside the toilet.

We try to awaken any telekinesis ability we may have missed and force the water back down. If our superhuman side doesn’t appear, then we wait for that inevitable splash of water as it hits the bathroom floor. It’s an awful, frightening sound.

Then comes the panic. This is where we can offer some advice. The last thing you want is water damage. Just follow these tips, and we’ll get through this:

Turn off the water

When the water is overflowing, you need to stop the water. You can do this by shutting off the water supply line. You can find the water valve below the water tank. After overflowing stops, allow the toilet bowl to drain thoroughly.

Plunge away

Typically when a clog occurs, it will happen in either the toilet bowl or trap. Plungers are lifesavers for resolving the blocked clogs. Make sure you’re using the correct plunger for toilets. A common mistake is people will use a sink plunger, which will not form the proper seal for a toilet.

Snake it

So you tried to plunge but that didn’t pan out. Now it’s time to use the snake or auger. Both of them work closely. Toilet augers are designed specifically to crawl through your drainpipes and snag the clog. It works with the shape of the toilet and the s-shaped trap.

Clean things up

Time is precious when it comes to cleanup. The longer the water sits the more damage it will cause. Besides the obvious mess, water can be absorbed into the walls, thus letting the bacteria to grow. Consider using a dry/wet vacuum to suck up the standing water and waste. Go ahead and use towels and blankets to soak in the water. You can always wash those afterwards.

Dry things out

Once the waste and water is removed, make sure to use high-powered fans and air movers to dry out the damaged material from the backed up toilet. You can typically rent air movers from a local hardware store.

Looking for a few more answers to your overflowing toilet? No problem. Simply call your Louisville or Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.

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