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How Leaky Faucets Cost Homeowners

Drip. Drip. Drip. A leaky faucet can be really irritating. It can also cost you more than you think.

Many different things can contribute to making a kitchen or bathroom faucet leak. Very often, it’s caused by a worn-out rubber washer, which can be a very quick and inexpensive fix. In some cases, it’s something more complicated. It’s difficult to tell until a professional plumber takes a look at it. Regardless of the cause, you should get it repaired quickly to avoid unnecessary costs from letting it continue.

A dripping faucet can actually damage your sink, creating rust stains or calcium deposits that may mean you have to replace the entire fixture. It also costs a lot of money in wasted water bills. Curious how much that leak is adding to your water bill? The U.S. Geological Survey created a calculator to show you how much water you lose, based on the number of drips per minute.

Don’t waste water and money. If your home has a leaky faucet, we’ll get it taken care of quickly. There’s no reason to put up with that annoying drip, drip, drip any longer. Call Dauenhauer, any hour and we’ll stop the drops.

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