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Five sneaky signs something scary is in your shower

You don’t have to be a fan of Alfred Hitchcock to find showers a little scary.You just have to encounter one of these clues that a sneaky plumbing problem has crept into your shower.

Dripping shower head. That constant drip, drip, drip could drive you mad as a character from Edgar Allen Poe. Mineral deposits and plain old wear and tear can erode the inner workings of your shower head, leading to a constant drip of water. While it might not seem that scary, over time it can really add up on your water bill.

Hard-to-regulate heat. Shocked by suddenly cold water? If the water temperature in your shower is unpredictable, the first place to look is the water heater. But if your water heater is in good condition and the right capacity for your home, it could be a problem in the mixing valve in your tub or shower.

Clogged or slow drain. It’s a blob! Of loose hair, greasy conditioner, and grime. All that junk eventually builds up to create a clog in your pipes. Once your shower drain becomes slow, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need professional help clearing it. Trust us, the only thing scarier than that clog is what chemical “drain cleaners” will do to your pipes.

Weird noises or smells. In a horror movie, you wonder why the victims don’t start running as soon as they hear the chainsaw fire up. In real life, plumbers wonder why people don’t call us as soon as their shower starts making weird noises or emitting foul odors. Come on, you know that’s not normal! Just like in a horror movie, waiting will only make things end badly.

Poor water pressure. When you can’t rinse out all the conditioner, you might end up with horrifying hair. This is most likely a problem in the aerator of your shower head. Particularly in areas with hard water, minerals can build up and disrupt the flow of water. The best fix is to replace the showerhead.

There’s no reason to be afraid to go into your shower. If you’re seeing troubling signs of a plumbing problem, just call us! Our friendly, reliable plumbing techs will get it fixed fast, and we always provide a quote, so there are no scary surprises on your bill.

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