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Are dual flush toilets worth the trouble?

People lately are doing their part to going green in practically every room of the home.

Now, we’ve reached the toilet. So, what exactly are the advantages of the dual flush toilet – and are they worth the effort? Good question.

When it comes to the dual flush toilet – it all comes down to three topics: environmental impact and cost savings.

Environmental Impact
The dual flush toilet earned the name because of their two (dual) setting mechanism that drives their operation. This two setting mechanism is usually a button or a lever on the toilet that allows you to flush either a low volume flush or a high volume flush. Low volume flushes are designed for liquid waste, while high volume flushes are designed for solid waste. This dual flush option allows for the conservation of water when using the liquid waste setting.

Cost Savings
A dual flush toilet drives lower water usage in your home, thereby saving money on your monthly water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 4,000 gallons of water can be saved annually in homes that use dual flush toilets.

Traditional, “one flush” toilets simply use a pressure siphoning system to dispose of waste, while dual flush toilets are generally designed to utilize gravity to dispose of waste down a large trapway.

In summary, double flush toilets are no doubt the next generation in bathroom appliances. But before you find yourself investing in one, it is important to carry out due diligence. This is still an emerging market. Upgrades will continue to happen. But considering the cost savings, in the long run, it’s definitely an investment that won’t be flushed down the drain. See what we did there?

If you have questions about dual flush toilets, call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.

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