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The Most Amazing Toilets You’ll Ever See

Here at our Louisville and Lexington plumbing company, the toilets we get called out to fix are usually pretty ordinary.

However, at least one bathroom in Louisville (21C/Proof on Main) is known for it’s highly, ahem, unique bathroom experience. In fact, it was voted Top 10 Best Restrooms in the US. So that got us curious thinking about other extraordinary, unusual or amazing toilets that might be out there.

Here’s the best of what we found:

We found this “Moon & Sun” Talavera Mexican toilet on eBay, as part of a collection of “handcrafted and handpainted” toilets. While they might make a great addition to a bathroom remodel project for a Mexican restaurant, we have a hard time imagining them in most of our Louisville or Lexington residential plumbing customers’ home bathrooms.

Next up, we have this “royal throne” found on The “Kindersanitair King Crown Toilet” is made in the Netherlands, advertised as “a fun and easy way to teach kids to deal with hygiene.” Not a portable “potty chair,” this is an actual, kids-sized flush toilet. The folks at Kindersanitair also helpfully add “Maybe you can imagine what for fun a child will have if he comes face to face with a friendly clown, or a cheerful smiling sun/cloud shower.” We don’t know about you, but if any of our kids ever came face-to-face with a “friendly clown” on his way to do his business, we might never get him to go back to the potty again.

Must be a cultural difference.

Jalopnik, a car blog, might be the first place you think of to look for amazing toilets. However, when it comes to amazing toilet go-karts, apparently they get a ton of those sent their way. We especially liked this two-seater with a whopping 3 rolls of toilet tissue mounted on the side and a set of what we think are Igloo coolers (to make sure you can stay hydrated on your trip). Perfect for when you have to go, on the go.

While unique toilets like these may be fun to read about, they’re not very practical. We find that what most of our customers want in a toilet is something simple and functional, that works properly. We found a lot more funny pictures on the internet of unusual toilets out there than we could fit in this blog post. What’s not very funny? Dealing with a broken, clogged or otherwise non-functional toilet. When that happens, remember to call Dauenhauer, any hour. We’ll be out right away to get things back to normal.

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