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The 3 Biggest Causes of Faucet Failure

It’s amazing how much a little drip, drip, drip can keep you up at night. Aside from the annoying sound, worrying what went wrong and how much a repair will cost you some serious sleep.

Faucet leaks and drips are among the most common plumbing repair problems we encounter. Compared to other plumbing fixtures, they are often subject to heavier use. Think about how often you turn on the faucet, compared to how often you turn on the shower. They also contain more parts than you might think, and those parts wear out over time.

The “fail parts” in a kitchen or bathroom sink are:

Rubber washers. Also called a seal or gasket, when these wear out, they can cause leaks around the base of the faucet or under the knobs or handle.

Pipe connections. There are several different connections in your sink, and over time they can corrode or loosen, creating leaks. This is more common with kitchen sinks with disposals, as the vibration of the disposal causes the pipes to move.

O-rings. These hold the faucet handle in place, so it is another common wear part which can cause leaks near the base of the handle.

Whether it’s your kitchen sink or your bathroom vanity, faucet leaks add up to a lot of wasted water, which can increase your utility bill. Over time, those leaks can cause damage to your cabinets and vanity, or stain your sink basin. It’s best to get any leak fixed quickly to minimize the cost. Call Dauenhauer, any hour, and we’ll get stop the drops fast.

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